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Stirling Gin Festival

Another Roaring Success for the Fifth Annual Stirling Gin Festival

It has been four years since the first Stirling Gin Festival popped up in the iconic Stirling Highland Hotel and no one could have foreseen how meteoric its rise has been.

For its fifth year the festival opened its doors to more than 30 gin companies - comprising new-comers Perth Gin and Granite North to old favourites like Arbikie and Boe. The festival attracts gin fiends from all over Scotland and the rest of the UK and most years have seen some long-distance pilgrimages by the world's most dedicated gin drinkers.

Records have once again been smashed with a staggering 70 000 pounds worth of gin sold by the various brands attending, a 100% increase on last year, and it is estimated that the local economy benefited by more than 250 000 pounds. With the construction of Stirling Gin's first distillery well underway, the company is hoping that tourism in the city will continue to grow and flourish.

SGF is organised and run by local company Stirling Spirit Co. and is a sister business of Stirling Gin. Co-owner and founder June McCann is astonished each year by the success of the festival but this year has been beyond her wildest dreams. June said, "I am absolutely delighted. Who would have thought our little gin festival would have grown to this?"

Stirling Gin Distillery's manager, Lara Williams, has attended past festivals in a previous job and couldn't be happier to be on the other side of the fence. "This company," she said, "has been the best I have ever worked with and this festival really reflects the passion we have for what we're doing."

The gin brands giving out samples of their delicious products had a great deal to say about this year's bumper event.
Noru Innes commented, "Great event! Thank you for having Pixel Spirits and Devil's Staircase at your outstanding festival, we had a blast"; Stuart MacMillan with Kinrara Distillery added, "Best festival in Scotland, enough said!"; while Thomas from Isle of Skye Distillery said, "We attend a lot of festivals and events and Stirling Gin Festival is the best we've ever been to."

SGF is also proud to have captured the hearts of its long time attendees with the following collection of accolades:

  "Awww well done you guys, amazing time today!"
  "We had a fabulous time, 5th year and still tasting new gins!"
"Fantastic day yesterday June, I would say it's the best yet."
  "Brilliant day. As you know we go to lots of gin festivals, however Stirling Gin is be far the best. Well done all."

June believes that the secret to SGF's success lies in the creativity of the gin brands. Each year June makes sure that a variety of styles, stories and flavours are represented and that punters are always guaranteed to try something new and exciting. Whether it be Harris Gin's sea kelp background, Dr. Osbourne's layers of fennel and dill, the gentle notes of lemon balm and rose in Lussa Gin or Stirling Gin's more unusual mint and bramble liqueur, there's truly something for every palate.

So what's next on the calendar for Stirling Spirit Co.? For those of you with a whisky tooth, their annual Stirling Whisky Festival is taking place from the 10th to the 12th of May 2019 and tickets are already on sale, although they are going fast. Slightly older than its sister festival, the Stirling Whisky Festival is one of the leading whisky events of the year, showcases the very best of Scottish distilling and offers two masterclasses for those interested in the more complex elements of whisky making.

Is it possible for the sixth Stirling Gin Festival to be any better than this year's? It seems unlikely but June is looking forward already. "It just keeps getting bigger and better. We are obviously delighted with the sales figures but what's more important is to see how engaged and happy people are to be sharing in what really is a wonderful industry. Fingers crossed!"

To view our photo album of the day which includes this cute wee pigs first outing, please view here

STIRLING GIN FESTIVAL 2018     Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd of November  


Returning for our 5th annual Stirling Gin Festival. Central Scotland's first, biggest and best Gin Festival!
Your ticket is your invite to sample all the gins on the day and meet the makers, then you will have the opportunity to purchase your favourites to take home at the end of the day.

Tickets: £27:50 (plus eventbrite booking fee) Tickets are non refundable

Friday 2nd November Session One 18:00 - 21:30  SOLD OUT
Saturday 3rd November Session Two 12:45 - 16:15 SOLD OUT
Saturday 3rd November Session Three 17:00 - 20:30 SOLD OUT

*The last pour will be 15mins before the end of each session

*Over 18 years of age only

Stirling Gin Festival welcomes sensible drinking www.drinkaware.co.uk

Location: Stirling Highland Hotel, 29 Spittal Street, Stirling FK8 1DU (special accomodation ratets apply, please contact the hotel directly)

Got a question? then drop us an email: enquiries@sws.scot

The 2018 line up

Tower, Edinburgh, Lussa, Valencia, El-gin, Kinrara, Ogilvy, Darnleys, Minus 33, Boe, Avva, Stirling, Lilliard, Misty Isle, Thompson Bros, Pinkster, Gin Bothy, Arbirkie, Hi Spirits, Lingin, Kintyre, Porters, Crafty, Granite North, Mhor Craft, Cotswald, Teasmith, Persie, Harris



The Fourth Annual Stirling Gin Festival Proves a Record-Breaker


THE fourth annual Stirling Gin Festival has broken all previous records after a sell-out success saw over 1,000 gin-lovers descend on the iconic Stirling Highland Hotel at the weekend.

24 of the most respected gin companies drawn from all across the UK and as far a-field as Spain and New Zealand were present as gin aficionados marched on historic Stirling in their masses, with one long range gin pilgrim travelling a mind-boggling 4949 miles from Scottsdale, Arizona, to sample the delights of what is arguably Scotland's foremost gin jamboree.

With the local economy benefitting to the tune of an estimated £100,000 and over 1200 bottles of gin sold spanning the three tasting sessions on Friday and Saturday, it really was a gin-tastic triumph!

SGF is organised and run by The Stirling Spirit Company, a sister business of Stirling Gin and co-owner June McCann admitted the weekend's success has taken her breath away.

June said: "This is the fourth year that we have organised the Stirling Gin Festival and it just keeps getting bigger and better.

"I think what really appeals to gin-lovers is that they know they are going to be introduced to exciting new craft gins as well as enjoying the opportunity to stock up on old favourites and all of this is done in a warm and friendly environment.

"Added to that every one of the 100 or so gins that were available over the weekend had an interesting story behind it from the sea kelp that is the chief botanical of Harris Gin which is collected by a diver off the island, to the exotic Buddha's Hand which is the key constituent of Porters Gin from Aberdeen. Clearly the public enjoyed meeting and engaging with our makers and learning all about the providence of their produce.

"So although we are delighted with the sales figures and the benefits that SGF has brought to the local business community, it was also just really satisfying to see how engaged people were and how much the patrons enjoyed sharing conversation with new acquaintances made over the mutual interest provided by our fantastic and varied gins."

While a mouth-watering 106 bottles of the home city wild nettle infused Stirling Gin were sold, one of the major success stories was Lussa Gin from the beautiful windswept Isle of Jura, which has as its chief botanical lemon thyme.

And co-owner Claire was keen to hail The Stirling Gin Festival as Scotland's leading gin-carnivals.

Claire Fletcher said: "We have returned to Jura exhausted after our two day stint at the Stirling Gin Festival. By the second session we'd completely sold out all stock and by the third session we were selling gin on a promise to post it as soon as we got back to Jura!

"Really it was a fantastic event for us and it was great to meet so many gin lovers and tell the story of how we make our gin. It was also really nice to explore Stirling and we'd love to be back in 2018.

"There is no doubt that the Stirling Gin Festival is now firmly established as one of the premier events of this type in Scotland!"

And the good news is plans are already afoot to do it all over again in 2018!

Some feedback from the Gin lovers attending our Festival.....

'Fantastic review. An amazing afternoon''

'A brilliant afternoon with a lovely selection of gins well done to the organisers !'

'Another fabulous gin festival by Stirling Spirit Co. Loads of gins tasted with some new ones to add to the favourites list and of course a couple to take away.'

'Our two gin festival Virgins had a great time and might even make a return visit next year'

'Another fabby day! Look forward to next year!!'

 Check out some of our photos Album 2017




The Dates for your diaries are.......

AGE 18+Tickets are non refundable.Session one: Friday 3rd November 6pm-9:30pm*Last gin poured 9:15pm

Tickets £27:50  SOLD OUT

Session two: Saturday 4th November 12:45pm - 4:15pm*Last gin poured 4pm

Tickets £27:50 SOLD OUT

Session three: Saturday 4th November 5pm - 8:30pm*Last gin poured 8:15pm

Tickets £27:50 SOLD OUT

The Location: The Stirling Highland Hotel, 29 Spittal Street, Stirling, FK8 1DU

Your Ticket:  This your invitation to taste the 50plus gins available at the Stirling Gin Festival.All gin companies attending will be announced in the run up to the festival. Many old favourites and new ginbies are already in the line up ! After tasting all the fabulous gins on offer you will have the chance to purchase your favourite and take it home.

Fevertree tonic and garnishes will be on hand at each table with advice from the makers themselves on how best to enjoy their gin.

Stirling Gin Festival encourages sensible drinking and for over 18 year olds only.

The list beGINS  Stirling, Makar, Persie, Brockmans, Porters, Strathearn, Brockers, Brooklyn, Langleys, Blackwoods, Edinburgh, One, Edenmill,Kintyre, El;Gin, Valentia, Darnleys, Harris, Elgin, Lussa, Avva, Boe, Esker, Colonsay, Tower Bridge, Minus 33............







SWS Stirling, Whisky and Spirits presents.......Stirling Gin Festival 2016!

WOW and what a fabulous one! Huge thanks to all that came along from exhibitors to happy gin drinkers and made our Sell out 2016 Stirling Gin Festival the best one yet.You certainly were a thirsty lot!. Over the two days around 700 people enjoyed 60+ varieties of gin in the elegant surroundings of the Stirling Highland Hotel.

Stirling people mixed with visitors from all over Scotland and England and some real enthusiasts who had travelled from the USA and Canada.


On Friday evening Team Murdoch surprised drinkers with a visit and chatted and showed off their Olympic medals. The team who are sponsored by local businesses including Stirling Gin are now away to Canada for a 3 week gruelling competition schedule leading up to the Scottish and World Championships next year.Team Murdoch with Cameron and June McCann of Stirling Whisky Shopand founders of Stirling Gin
The Provost Mike Robbins with June and Elle McCannOn Saturday The Provost Mike Robins came along to show his support of the event and enjoy a wee Gin.He was very impressed with the numbers attending and as well as introducing visitors to the finer points of Gin tasting the Festival serves to boost the number of overnight stays in our area, providing a welcome boost to the local economy.


Plans are already being discussed for a bigger Stirling Gin Festival 2017!.....

Have a look at our Stirling Gin Festival 2016 Photo Album - Here


 Past - Stirling Gin Festival 2016

Returning for our 3rd annual festival.

Happy gin drinkers from our 2015 Stirling Gin Festival.To view more photos please click here

   The Venue: Stirling Highland Hotel, 29 Spittal Street,   Stirling, FK8 1DU   (Home of The Stirling Whisky Shop)

 New Date added: Friday 4th of November 2016

Sold out 
   Time: 6-9:30pm   The Cost: £27:50

   Saturday the 5th of November 2016 

Sold Out   The Time: 3pm - 6:30pm    The Cost: £27:50



 With over 60 gins to try the hardest task on the day will be where to start!

Fevertree Tonic and garnishes for your gin will be on hand at each table with guidance from the maker on how best to enjoy their gin.

Some of our festival partners....

 Stirling Gin, Makar, Pickerings, Darnleys, McQueen, Porters, Persie, Pinkster, Brockmans, Eden Mill, Edinburgh Gin, Brokers, Shetland Reel, Strane, Firkin, Sipsmith, Boe, Strathearn, Morrison and Mackay, Blackwoods, Fraiser Liqueur, Glenwyvis, Ogilvie Spirits, and Fevertree.

Stirling Gin Festival encourages sensible drinking. Tickets are only available to those 18 years and older.